9 TRENDS will shape work or jobs in 2023!

Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah
2 min readSep 15, 2023

2023 has so far been a tumultuous year. Great resignations movement was a significant event of the 21st century that was the result of mindset change of the employees and job seekers.

Employers need to adjust to such emerging changes. I will share few thoughts on this topic in the following lines.

1. Quiet Hiring or talent’s upskilling: Earlier people have been quietly leaving the companies. Organizations now focus on adopting different strategies instead of hiring new resources. Such strategies are:
- Internal Mobility that provides opportunities to the internal candidates to grow vertically and horizontolly.
- Upskilling of the existing talent: Create talent management plans and focus on adding to the current skills set of the employees.
- Alumni networks and gig workers.

2. Hybrid flexibility and work arrangement: Companies should see how they can make hybrid work arrangement for their employees including those in the field.

3. Managers to meet employee and leaders expectations: Employees have expectations from their team leaders whereas team leaders have to meet expecations of senior management.

4. Skill-based talent pool: Traditionally, people with full credentials e.g. experience, qualifications etc. were considered for hiring. Companies will now go only for skills as key job requirement.

5. Proactive PTO (Paid Time Off) : To recover from pandemic trauma and relieve employees of job and life stresses, Companies will ask employees to go for proactive PTO.
6. DEI specific initiatives: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) is no more a side policy. It is central to the companies’ culture, talent and strategy. HR needs to educate managers and employees about DEI. Allyship should be created to help minority group. Group specific spaces to be allocated for marginalized people’s care.
7. Transparency in policies & workplace: HR to play its role to ensure transparency in policies, processes to create a diverse workplace for increased productivity.
8. Unbiased & transparent use of AI in hiring: AI is much into practice and use to recruit the employees. Bias audits will require to show to the world evidenced by data that AI is beneficial for just, fair and equitable recruitment.
9. Structured social interaction amongst employees: Gen Z employees especially have shown concerns after pandemic about social interactions with coworkers, formal or informal (retreats, lunches and dinners) etc. HR and managers should formulate norms and values for employees social interactions.

Managers and senior management should adopt meticulously designed policies to create employee satisfaction and then resultant employee productivity.

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