As HR Professional I have learnt every day.

Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah
1 min readSep 15, 2023

As HR Professional I have learnt every day.

I got addicted to reading, writing and learning about different aspects of HR.

HR being my passion has enabled me to be pro-people.

Now People and Culture are my professional priority.

I work every day for people and culture in my present role as Country Director.

I learn and enable my team to learn and apply the best practices in our workplace.

People wellbeing in terms of monetary and non-monetary benefits is my focus.

📌One example : we went for group life insurance of our staff. A young staff died due to sudden illness. We all were so sad.

📌We had one consolation that widow and kids got a good amount as insurance claim + 6 months salary and other expenses on funeral and burial. Kids are getting free education in our school.

📌We also arranged for government pension scheme EOBI meant for employees in private sector in Pakistan

📌90 days paid maternity leave female staff and one week paternity leave for male staff when their wives are through with family.

📌Learning and development is my top priority for the team.

📌Engagement is our every day mission.

📌My goals is to prepare and create future leaders in the team.

This is a journey as HR Professional that I continue every single moment.

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