My Journey As Solopreneur (Episode-3)!

Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah
1 min readSep 13, 2023

How me and my wife managed our initial time after we arrived in Malaysia!

📍Daily walk and exchange of thoughts.
📍Watching movies.
📍Reading good books.
📍Working on setting up IT Company.
📍Spending more time with children.

Less communication with people back home to avoid any negative feedback.

We focused on children’s education which was our main goal.

I started exploring consulting assignments and business opportunities within and outside Pakistan.

We were consistent in our daily routines.

We remained positive and kept a forward looking approach.

It was a turning point in our life as a family.

God almighty was very kind to us. We were blessed with many good things.

We finally set up an IT Comapny and started a process to get MSC status. This would enable me to bring expats into Malsysia.

I was communicating with friends and acquaintances to join my venture in Malaysia.

…. To be continued …..

📌Wait for Episode 4 to read more about my Solopreneur journey.

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