Quiet Hiring — New Workplace Trend!

Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah
2 min readSep 16, 2023


Quiet hiring enables Cos to rely on existing human resources.

Cos (Companies) rely on the existing resoruces instead of hiring new full time employees.

There are proven ways to leverage the existing human resource.

It will help optimise utility of the current resources and also significantly reduce on OPEX side (HR cost).

Quiet Quitting: Employees do bare minimum to maintain their jobs. As a result, Cos retain employees but lose their talent, skills and capabilities.

Coming back to Quiet Hiring, how it works:

1. Interrnal Talent Mobility: Companies utilize existing talent in the areas where they are needed the most.

To compensate, they are offered one time incentive, bonus, fixed compensation or promotion.

2. Upskilling, Engaging alumni networks, temps & gigs:

  • Cos help employees develop new skills to work on new roles.
  • Cos look into alumni networks to find relevant talent.
  • Cos hire temps or gigs to complete high priority tasks.

Such resources are engaged and compensated through one time fixed payment.

  1. OJT: Managers help their teams to improvise on current skills and enable them to do additional tasks.
  2. Job Shadowing: Junior team members shadow senior managers and learn how they manage teams, conduct meetings, negotiate with internal and external clients, prepare reports, share info etc.
  3. Cross Functional Work: Existing staff are assigned cross functional work to leverage on their skills, experience and capabilities e.g. Finance can do HR, Procurement, Admin work and vice.

To conclude, only way to avoid quiet quitting is to engage and inspire the existing resources.

And, to reinforce this, quiet hiring is the best strategy so the Cos are not left without talented and potential resources.



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